Sanofi CHC Open Innovation in Vitafoods Asia Digital Week

4th April 2021

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare Open Innovation International participated in the virtual Vitafoods Asia Digital Week 2021 from 2nd to 4th February. The conference provided a platform for various healthcare partners around the globe to come together and have in-depth discussions of the latest consumer healthcare insights. Participants were also able to explore specific APAC markets and discover the latest ingredients and products. The conference was divided into two broad tracks: The Main stage and four Thematic Micro-Communities.

The Main Stage hosted keystone presentations and lively discussions around emerging trends focusing on different APAC regions everyday while the Thematic Micro-Communities consisted of specialized hubs across four health categories: Immune Health, Botanicals, Digestive Health and Healthy Ageing. The attendees learned the latest trend in ingredients and technologies in these four sectors from different healthcare partners, suppliers and CMOs to make informed decision on their product roadmap. There were also opportunities for 1:1 meeting to connect with potential business partners, innovators, decision-makers and thought leaders based on business objectives and areas of interests. Finally, the conference had a New Ingredients & Products Zone featuring market's latest innovation where attendees could scout and source products and services from more than 100 international suppliers.

Sanofi CHC Open Innovation team regularly attend relevant conferences to expand our network of potential partners and R&D reach. If you have unique offerings and innovative ideas in the fast-moving consumer healthcare space do not hesitate to look at our needs and submit your innovation at: