Personalized Nutrition: A healthcare solution before and after the Pandemic

16th March 2021

The relationship between food and health has been more than proven. A healthy diet has positive effects and influences good health. The Covid-19 pandemic has helped consumers further understand that their individual lifestyle/choices and/or health conditions directly affects their susceptibility to illness. The pandemic has pushed consumers to focus their attention on prevention. This new attitude towards prevention is most likely to stick even after the pandemic, as supporting or boosting the immune system can only be beneficial, whatever the context.

These are reasons to believe why the personalized nutrition industry continues to grow in popularity. Personalization gives customers choice, control and an unlimited number of options to shape the future of their health and well-being regimen.

The forecast for 2027 is an example of its popularity. According to, the Global Personalized Nutrition Market size is estimated to reach USD 16.6 Billion from USD 3.7 Billion in 2019, delivering a CAGR of 13.6% through 2027.

Many industry players believes the Personalized Nutrition is a key route to success; hence, they are adopting several strategies such as mergers, collaborations with healthcare startups, acquisitions, capacity expansion, and new product development, thereby supporting the overall growth of the market.

We as the Sanofi Consumer Healthcare OPEN INNOVATION team believes the personalized nutrition is a huge opportunity to serve healthier, fuller lives to consumers.

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