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A small team with the benefits of a large company experienced in healthcare solutionsPartner with Sanofi on health innovation

Being a small consumer healthcare Open Innovation team has its advantages. It enables maximized efficiency while limited slow bureaucratic procedures. Being small makes us agile, engaged and focused on you.

Submit ideas & innovations to Sanofi

We share your passion for disruptive innovation in healthcare solutions. When you submit your idea to Sanofi, our team will strive to be as efficient and cohesive as possible in order to keep moving forward together.

We want to keep focused on our common goal: to partner with innovators and co-develop disruptive breakthrough healthcare solutions.

People PowerCo-develop innovations with Sanofi

The Sanofi Open Innovation team builds working dynamics that closely resemble those of a family. If your idea submission is selected, we'll take special care to support you at every turn of our journey together.

Our team is composed of professionals with entrepreneurial mindsets that are problem-solvers and results-oriented.

Uniting people with vision, dedication and enthusiasm can result in extraordinary scientific healthcare innovation that can represent win-win mutual partnerships between Sanofi and healthcare innovators.

  • Mohamed Dabti
    Open Innovation Head CHC R&DMohamed Dabti
  • Livia Tozzini
    LATAM RegionLivia Tozzini


  • Cyril Thouseau
    Open Innovation Allergy, Cough & ColdCyril Thouseau


  • Olivier Broussaud
    Open Innovation Nutritional HealthOlivier Broussaud


  • Laurence Trolet
    Open Innovation Pain CareLaurence Trolet

    #business oriented

  • Anne-Laure Formento
    Open Innovation Digestive HealthAnne-Laure Formento


Sanofi Open Innovation's StrengthsSanofi seeks your health ideas & innovations

Our focus is on generating scientific and technological breakthroughs for consumer healthcare solutions.

We work to protect, enable and support people facing health challenges through expert recommended and consumer preferred products.

Sanofi is a responsible company. We aim to make a positive impact on people, on society and for the planet by creating sustainable and value-driven products with our partners.

But it is our team of dedicated and highly talented professionals that make the magic happen and drive the business forward.

Here are some of our qualifications:

  • World-class global distribution for healthcare solutions
  • Consumer insight and marketing expertise
  • Leading research and scientific capabilities
  • Expertise in legal, medical, and regulatory knowledge
  • Skilled and passionate individuals
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